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If you’ve never tried a Parasite Cleanse, you’re missing out on a treatment that may help to improve your digestion in numerous ways. At Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy, we have available in store an Australian made, all natural, vegan friendly product that  contains herbs which help the body to “kill off” these harmful organisms. To find out more about these advantages and learn more about proper gastrointestinal health, call us now!

Benefits of a Parasite Detox

A Parasite Cleanse is recommended for humans at least once per year, preferably every 6 months. Parasites are very common, much more common in humans than in animals. We “worm” our animals regularly, but we often forget ourselves. Removing Parasites is very important. Whilst worms are the most form of intestinal parasite, there are many others, including viruses, yeasts, spores, flukes, moulds and fungi and they don’t only live in our gut, they can also live in our muscles, connective tissues, even the tear ducts of our eyes, they can be found all over our bodies.

Removes Parasites

Removes Parasites: Parasite cleanse removes not only parasites such as 'worms' but is designed to “kill off” all harmful parasites, including worms, bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores, yeasts, flukes and fungi.

Improved mood

The presence of parasites in your system can dull your mental state, leaving you with symptoms like headaches or brain fog, feeling worn down or tired, they can interrupt your digestion, zapping your energy and leaving you feeling depleted. Killing these parasites then flushing them from your body will increase your mood, restore your energy and allow you to function better in your everyday life.

Decrease in discomfort

Do you suffer from stomach cramps? Perhaps gas, constipation or diarrhoea plagues you every day? Parasites could be responsible for these symptoms too. When you remove toxic parasites from your system, you improve the possibility of reducing these adverse effects: bloating, inflammation, flatulence, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, mucus production, poor absorption, and even leaky gut symptoms can improve.

Having parasites is not always obvious, it is possible to have them for weeks, months or even years and be unaware. Not all parasites are going to give us the vomiting/diarrhoea symptoms like say “Bali Belly”. Sometimes we are just not feeling 100%, but have no idea why? Our diet, exercise, or daily routine could be exactly the same, but we just feel “not quite ourselves” and being the humans we are, it’s easy for us to make excuses, like having late nights or stress at work or hormones playing up, often the last thing on our mind is “Hang on a second, when was the last time I did a parasite cleanse, maybe I’ve got a parasite”… It’s just not in our nature to even think of it, but 9 times out of 10 this is exactly what the problem stems from. 

Related Services We Provide to a Colon Flush

We offer our clients multiple treatments that can help them to improve the health of their colon as well as these other related services:

  • Personalised attention: Do you have questions regarding what you can expect during your treatment? Perhaps you have concerns regarding future appointments or what you can do to improve your gut health? Let us know. As a family-run business, we understand the importance of providing you with this information. We provide you with the individualised care you deserve from the moment you first reach out to us.

  • Numerous payment options: We know the importance of giving you the option to flush your colon, which is why we offer different payment choices. Along with accepting traditional payment methods, we also partnered with Afterpay to make financing your treatment more manageable. Just let us know that you would like to use Afterpay when you schedule your appointment, and we will walk you through the next steps.

  • Flexible scheduling: We make it easier for you to book your appointment with us by offering appointments between 9AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday. If you prefer a Saturday appointment, contact us to schedule you between 9AM and 2PM.

What Sets Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy Apart Regarding Gut Support?

Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy is a small, family-owned and operated business, providing a range of colon and gut health services to eligible people, offering assistance and advice regarding common ailments of the gut. We pride ourselves on our professional conduct and highly personalised customer service of the highest standard.

  • Our therapist is internationally qualified and certified, highly experienced, and fully insured. In addition, our clinic is also globally Certified and the proud holder of the Pillars of Excellence and Safety Certificate in recognition of our adherence to international industry standards.

  • We use only the best tools and equipment to do our work, and all tubes and other consumables are safely disposed of after use.

  • We utilise the latest technology in the performance of our tasks. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will receive the best care and assistance throughout your procedure.

About Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy

We provide a range of gut health products and services to our customers in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay Region, including colon hydrotherapy, enemas, and much more. Contact us today for more information.