Cleanse is a small, family-operated business, nestled in a residential location for your privacy. We use the latest technology and equipment. Rest assured we utilise disposable speculums and hoses, hospital-grade disinfectants and antiseptics, all TGA approved and meeting Australian standards for infection control and sterilisation. Also fulfilling all legislation and codes under Moreton Regional Council. Our facility and therapist are certified by GPACT (Global Professional Association of Colon Therapists) and feature on their list of favoured providers worldwide. Cleanse is also a recipient of the Pillars of Excellence and Safety Designation, recognising international industry practice standards.

What do We do At Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy?

Men and women from age ten, are eligible for our services. We are an alternative therapy service that provides guidance and assistance for typical digestive issues. Toxins and waste can be flushed from the body when filtered, temperature-controlled water is gently infused into the colon via the rectum. The numerous meridians can be worked on by an experienced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, allowing more toxins and waste to be removed. Any questions you may have during the session can be answered by your therapist, who is always present. We also place a high value on continuity of care. You can rest assured that your therapist will be the same each time you visit Cleanse. Her ability to help you and tailor your colonic experience and treatment plan is enhanced the more she knows about you and your goals through Colonics.



After 31 years with the Health Department, it was time for a change. Having had over 20 years personal experience with colonics, I initially trained and worked using the Brunelle method of colonic delivery. Then after more research and study decided to open my own business, now using the latest technology and equipment. I am Qualified, Certified (via GPACT, Global Professional Association of Colon Therapists) and Insured, with international recognition also holding a current First Aid Certificate and certificates in infection control and sterilization procedures.
So why Colonics?
I was first introduced to colonics by a friends mother. I was trying to fall pregnant at the time with no success. She told me what colonics are and gave me a book to read. At the time I wasn't sure there were any services within Australia. A couple of years later and still not pregnant. (We had been doing IVF for sometime.) We went to a naturopath for alternate advice. The naturopath suggested colonics, and told me there was a clinic in Nambour. Being only 40 minutes away I thought fantastic, so I booked in. Not knowing what to expect, I was very surprised. It hadn't remotely occurred to me that not being regular in the toilet could be affecting my fertility... I had suffered constipation since I was a child. I was lucky if I went number two twice a week. Doctors used to say to me things like, "You've been like this since you were a kid, so this is normal for you"... Except that wasn't normal for anyone. I just took their word for it and put up with it. Using laxatives to make myself go. Having colonics helped immensely. I went from maybe twice a week to definitely twice a week, from three times a week to four times a week and so forth until I am regular every day with ease now. Becoming more regular and removing stored wastes and impurities relieved my body of harmful toxins and when we had saved enough to try IVF again guess what? It worked. I have a son and 2 years later a daughter, conceived on the same day, born 2 years apart. Not only did I get my body clean but I learnt so much about how my body works and what works best for me... This is just a part of my story. I was also morbidly obese at one point and suffer from an anxiety disorder, so I have lots to share... this is why I'm helping others learn for themselves about their bodies... What's your story? Come, allow me to be a part of it and help you be the best version of yourself. As the saying goes "It won't happen over night, but it will happen" and for me this is most certainly true...

Meet our Therapist

Hi I'm Nicole. I look forward to meeting you, and helping you, discover your new "normal".

What You Need to Know About Gut Health in Brisbane, Moreton Bay Region or Sunshine Coast

We can no longer overlook the importance of good gut health for our overall well-being. The gut-brain axis is a true phenomenon that has been connected to a wide range of illnesses in multiple research. Colonics, or colon hydrotherapy, has a lot of myths.

  •  Don’t trust anyone who hasn’t been properly trained and certified by the Global Professional Association of Colon Therapists (GPACT) to help you (GPACT).
  •  Colon hydrotherapy and the use of probiotics for digestive health go along like peas and carrots. Using Colonics to remove wastes, toxins, and pollutants from your gut allows “Good Bacteria” to flourish, which is why we recommend supplementing with high-quality probiotics to help restore your gut’s natural balance.
  •  More than just an enema, colon hydrotherapy treats a variety of health issues. To put it another way, it’s an entire way of life that involves making small lifestyle adjustments and paying attention to what you put in and out your body. Colon Hydrotherapy is essentially 40 enemas all at once. Let go physically, mentally, and spiritually with a colonic.