Warren - my side of the story (Nicole's kids dad)

You’ve read, Nicole’s story, (on the about us page), this is my side of the story. I was born with 1 testicle (or so they thought), and I had a low sperm count, we’d done IVF many times, but it wasn’t working. Nicole started colonics and I thought, takes 2 to tango, so I best get clean too. Around the same time it was discovered I had a cyst on my kidney and was put on the waiting list for it to be surgically removed. Eventually, I got a letter from the hospital, was time for that operation. Our colonic lady said we should ask the specialist to repeat the ultra sound as we had been having colonics for a while, she said she wouldn’t be surprised if the cyst had in-fact resorbed and the kidney healed itself. 

The Doctor of course told us this was not possible, colonics can NOT do this, and was reluctant to redo the scan, but we insisted, and sure enough, not only was the cyst gone, but the inflammation also, and the kidney was back to regular size and shape. The Doctor was gobsmacked.

That’s when we found the weirdest thing. Poking out  from behind this kidney was the shrivelled up undescended testicle. I’d gone my entire life to this point believing I was born with just 1, yet the other was there the entire time, completely in the wrong place, way to high and too hot, but still connected to the other one, slowly poisoning it with the toxins from the dead one. So it was decided that since I no longer needed surgery to remove the cyst, we would keep the theatre time, but remove the undescended testicle and the associated tubes etc instead. Whilst the sperm count didn’t change much the quality of the sperm was better as the poisons were affecting the sperm from the good testicle. Needless to say once we both got our issues sorted, the IVF worked and we share a son and 2 years later a daughter from a frozen embryo cycle, both kids conceived on the same day, but born 2 years apart. To this day, I strongly believe we would never had had children if we hadn’t met our colonic lady and learned the things we came to know about our own bodies. Getting clean allowed my body to not be bogged down processing waste products, but to heal itself. Pretty amazing actually… Who knew, just a flush with water could be so powerful. I’m not saying this would be the case for everyone, but it was a game changer for us…

Samantha, aged 34

Before colonics, my skin was terrible, I had a weird rash that wouldn’t go away regardless of what medication I used. Id been to several doctors, but it just wouldn’t heal. After my first colonic, I noticed the rash was pink, not red and firey anymore, and it wasn’t nearly as itchy. After the second colonic it went down even more. It’s almost gone now and I’m amazed that having an overloaded colon was affecting my skin so much… now my colon is free to function properly, my other organs can also, and so my skin is healing… Finally…. and I feel fantastic, my partner says I look younger, like I did when we were teenagers… so I’m wrapped.

Neville, aged 76

I’ve been feeling bloated and gassy for a while now, I go every day, so hadn’t thought I was storing waste, until I saw what came out… I’m feeling so much better, my pants aren’t tight anymore and I have more energy.

Heather aged 71

I’d had colonics before years ago, so I understood the benefits. I’d gained weight and was feeling tired and sluggish for a while now. I only go 2-3 times per week, and have been constipated for most of my life. after having colonics I found it is easier to go to the toilet, my regularity is constantly improving and its easier to pass, less straining etc. I’m more comfortable and less windy and bloated. I’ve had ovarian cancer in the past, so I’m using colonics to help me with disease prevention also… being blocked up for years caused all sorts of problems, getting clean again is a process, but we are working on it and I’m feeling better all the time. I have heaps of energy and less brain fog

Rebekah, aged 22

Like most people my age I like to party and have been indulging a bit too often lately. I was feeling flat, bloated and gassy. My tummy always looked swollen. After the first session my tummy went flat again. I had so much energy and my mind felt clear, a weird clarity like never before… I had parasites in my waste, so I did the 5 point detox and now I feel amazing. Just knowing I’m cleaner and being regular with parasite cleanse every 6 months as well, I feel like a new person.

John, aged 45

Being a busy dad and working FIFO I don’t have regular habits at all and I eat way too fast. I know I don’t drink enough water and my colonic showed this. Having a regular clean when I’m home helps me stay regular while I’m out at the job site. Before colonic I maybe went every 2nd or 3rd day, now I go every day and am not as tired or cranky as I was, so Colonic has really helped me.

Jolene, aged 40

I’ve been through a stressful time recently with my divorce and my tummy was feeling upset often. I’d be nervous and crampy and sometimes nauseous. I hadn’t realised how the stress was effecting me until I started to deal with it and let stuff go. I found the more I let go of emotionally the better I felt physically… I hadn’t realised I was holding onto so much angst… my poor liver must have been struggling … Now I feel calmer and more in control, my tummy is settled and I’m not bloated or gassy anymore. I am sleeping better too, and generally feel better able to cope with my days, who knew a colon cleanse could help so much….